Dec 19

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Beware – CryptoLocker posing as Holiday package tracking link

CryptoLocker Ransomware is making the rounds again. Please be cautious as this malware that the FBI is now calling the "perfect crime" makes it way around the internet again posing as a seemingly innocuous link to track a holiday package. This particular piece of ransomware, once downloaded, encrypts user files and forces you to pay for them to be decrypted. In most cases the files are never really decrypted at all and the user has just sent money across the world that cannot be traced. 

Be dilegent when opening emails from sources you are not familiar with. Never open an attachment from someone you don't know. Always back up your files in case something like this does take over your machine. If you suspect there is a chance that you have opened an attachment like this and would like to talk to someone please call us at 406-771-0022. 

For more information please see the following links.





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